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Takumi x Misaki

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Welcome ★

Welcome to takumi_misaki a community focussing around the couple Takumi/Misaki, two characters of the manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama done by Hiro Fujiwara.

Rules ★

[x] Please do not anything irrelevant to Takumi/Misaki!
[x] Please place all spoilers, big images, long summaries / posts under a cut.
[x] Please do not make really random / pointless messages such as "YAY TakuMisa!" or "I read Ch 48!!" as a post. If you are going to say that, please at least include thoughts on it. One intro post is permitted if you are new to the community.
[x] Please do not post racial, pornographic or discriminated entries.
[x] Please do not post stolen Fanarts or Fanfiction.

Any post that does not follow these rules will be deleted and will not be tolerated!!

Rules are written by cicatricis